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Weird performance issue

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Weird performance issue

Сообщение JensenBreck 25.11.2017 17:00


I am having a weird performance issue with Bigbox. I am using the default theme with the game list down the left side then the boxart at the top and video under it i. When loading bigbox and then going into a platform as the platform view rises from the bottom it stutters part way up then continues. After that it continues to work fine until I close and reopen bigbox, then it happens again the first time a platform is opened. I have narrowed it down to something to do with images. If I delete a platforms image folder the problem goes away. I haven't been doing any emulation stuff in a while so dont know when this was introduced, it is possible it was since the new fall creators update for win 10. Also this exact problem is present on 2 PC's. Both running windows 10 but massively different in specification. One is an old AMD Phenom II X6 3Ghz,4GB RAM/GTX 560 Ti). The other is a Intel 6700K/16GB RAM/GTX 1070). I would record it but I'm not sure how. I am about to install Windows 7 on the old PC to see if the problem is unique to Windows 10. I would really like to use BB on the more powerful PC too though and using an older OS on that is not an option.

I have tested with 7.11 plus the latest 7.12 Beta. Is there anywhere I can download an older version ?

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/ ... nce-issue/

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